Proposed themes

• Accountability and Social Responsibility
• Accounting information systems
• Public Sector Accounting Theory and Practice
• Recent developments in financial accounting theory and reporting practices
• Contemporary issues in cost accounting
• Practical Application of Management Accounting
• Corporate governance and corporate survival mechanisms
• Tax studies
• Human rights and taxes
• Taxation and development
• Case studies of country-specific tax programs and by theme
• Tax fraud and tax compliance
• Green taxation
• Taxation for growth
• Cultural / institutional sustainability of taxation
• Extrataxation
• Recent developments in direct tax administration
• Indirect Taxes for Regulation and Control of Economic Activities

Other areas might be considered and integrated on the Workshop Program. We accept both empirical and theoretical works. Abstracts and extended abstracts should be written in English. Full papers can be written in Portuguese, English and Spanish, but must additionally contain an abstract and title written in English. The sessions will be organized according to the researchers’ linguistic preferences.